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Support & Solutions


Increasing connection and engagement between people


Building leaders who are able to meaningfully connect and influence


Creating and maintaining a mature safety and risk culture from within

Cultural Alignment & Maturity Program

  • Five stage process that buildings and maintains safety and risk cultural maturity

  • Executive/ senior leader alignment sessions

  • Manager & supervisor workshops & training programs to build internal skills and capability

  • Customised, internally developed initiatives and interventions

  • Culture coach/ partnership model to ensure sustained outcomes

Cultural Maturity

Workshops & Training

Enhancing Cultural Literacy

  • Executives, senior leaders, managers & supervisors

  • Focus on building knowledge & skills that support meaningful cultural improvement

Leading in Safety & Risk

  • Executives, senior leaders, managers & supervisors, all staff 

  • Focus on building skills that enhance leader’s abilities to communicate, influence, and understand

Building a Connected Culture

  • Executives, senior leaders, managers & supervisors, all staff 

  • Focus on building skills that increase engagement and connection at all levels of the organisation

Consulting & Support

Culture Surveys & Reviews

  • Qualitative and quantitative methodologies

Culture maturity strategy development

  • Customised and targeted strategies that improve cultural maturity

Safety & Risk leadership

  • Coaching for safety and risk leaders

  • Can be integrated into existing programs

  • Focus on building communication and engagement skills

Induction & Training

  • Development of programs that maximise engagement

  • Review and update of existing programs

Management System

  • Review and simplification of systems and tools



  • The Culture Paradox

  • Fragility and Risk

  • Risk and culture


  • Leading to influence and understand

  • How people make sense of risk


  • The Psychology Risk

  • Running on auto-pilot

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